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Easy Way to Fix Black Desktop Bug On Windows 7 Computer

Easy Way to Fix Black Desktop Bug On Windows 7 Computer

If you're staying updated with the latest tech news, then you might know that Microsoft has formally ended the support for Windows 7. Windows 7 obtained the final update on January 14, along with the upgrade that has released a new bug.

After installing the Windows 7 upgrade, lots of users have promised that their desktop background is getting replaced with an empty black screen. Since Microsoft has officially ended the support for Windows 7, users are worried about if the issue will be repaired or not.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, Microsoft will fix the bug, but the fix will be accessible to people who will cover the Extended Security Updates. What is worse is that consumers that are using Windows 7 Home can't even cover the extended security updates. That implies, if you are a home user, you are on your own.

How To Fix the black background bug on Windows 7?
The bug is actually within the Personalization alternative. The black wallpaper appears only when users choose the'Stretch' background option. Thus, to avoid the black background bug, You Have to Pick the other options rather than Stretch such as'Fill','Fit','Center', or'Tile'
Avoid the'Stretch' option
Prevent the'Stretch' alternative
As an alternative, you can also choose a wallpaper that matches your screen resolution. This manner, you don't have to use the'Stretch' alternative to fit appropriately on your display.

Install the KB4539602 Update:
Well, this really is a new Windows 7 update released by Microsoft on February 7, 2020. This upgrade is specially supposed to fix the Black Wallpaper bug on Windows 7 computer. So, head to this URL to download and install the update.
Install the KB4539602 Update
Install the KB4539602 Update
Once updated, the Black Background problem on Windows 7 PC will be repaired. Don't Uninstall KB4534310 Update
KB4534310 update premiered on January 14, and it is thought to present the bug. Lot's of users may think that uninstalling the KB4534310 update would fix the black screen issue. But, we do not suggest uninstalling the KB4534310 upgrade because it contains some major security fixes.

It is best to install the upgrade provided by Microsoft. After installing this update, you won't experience the black wallpaper dilemma. So, this is all about how to repair the Black Wallpaper Bug on Windows 7 pc. Still, any issues occur contact  Microsoft Windows 7 Support Phone Number to get instant solution.

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